Italiano Republic of Djibouti


Our multi-national team of professional architects and urban planners provide an array of designs developed in accordance with local and international codes, construction materials and methodologies; whether the work is carried out in Europe, Middle East, or Africa.

Whenever required by the client, or the law, plans and specifications are prepared in multiple languages. Michael-Bruno’s computer aided design and drafting capabilities include the latest versions of design software such as AutoCAD and Bentley Microstation. We are also accustomed to delivering documentation in digital format, including Adobe Acrobat Protable Data Format (pdf). For U.S. federal design work our architects use Construction Criteria Base (CCB), Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS), SPECSINTACT, M-CACES, ProjNet / Dr. Checks, and other government management tools for new construction, renovations, upgrades, and demolitions.

As today’s world presents new architectural challenges, we have integrated professionals with Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) certification and anti-terrorism/force protection design specialists into our teams.

More routine architectural tasks for Michael-Bruno include design of infrastructure and utilities, renovation of historical structures, military critical and logistical facilities, family housing complexes, fitness centers, recreational facilities, schools, commercial theaters, shopping malls, hospitals, parking lots, roadways, and expansions to existing facilities.

Quality Control and Quality Assurance (QC/QA) processes are integrated throughout our design process and performed under the guidance of senior architects and engineers. The QC/QA process begins in the scoping of each project and is carried through planning, staff mobilization, execution, and the final production/delivery.

The diversity and depth of our architectural teams’ resources, as well as our fine-tuned management skills, enable Michael-Bruno to effectively execute multiple projects. Our track record demonstrates our capability to accomplish the job, no matter what workload, geographical or logistical challenges are involved.