NATO Beach, Licola, Naples, Italy



Michael-Bruno was tasked to perform site investigations, engineering and environmental studies, demolition plan, as well as architecture for new construction and renovation of some existing structures. Included in the design project were utility systems—water, sewer, storm water, and electrical power—to operate a beach facility, including restaurant, changing rooms, showers, and fitness center. The facility capability is up to 1000 people per day. The Task Order Called for: Executive design, complete with architectural, structural, mechanical, and systems; Technical relation for the relative designs to verify the structural calculations: Material cost estimate; Technical specifications for the construction solicitation with material listing, without pricing, in Italian and English; Safety Plan, including relative costs as per attachments and correspondence. In preparing this project, Michael-Bruno was required to interface with the local city authorities, in particular with regards to fresh water, rain water, sewage, and electrical connections, restrictions—given the beach front location—and legislation. The success of this project lead to Michael-Bruno being awarded Phase 2 of the NATO Beach, as well as direction of construction.