Gate Security Improvement NSA Naples, Italy



 The design provided for the security upgrades of the NSA Naples East and West Gates to meet new anti-terrorism/force protection norms.  The installation of two new electrical power panels: the main panel installed inside the Pass and ID office and the secondary panel installed in the new Watch-Tower. Barriers were installed at the entrance and exit of the base access. New reinforced concrete walls were also constructed in front of the East and West parking areas, to match the base architectural image.

The Watch-Tower floor was construction of non-slip ceramic tiles, glued on concrete finish and grouted.  The exterior finish of the facades at the elevated tower is made of cement plaster and stucco, exterior quartz paint, marble sills at openings over reinforced concrete frame structure. The roof is cast-in-place reinforced frame horizontal slab, with a steel structure above and insulated sandwich panels. The canopy is a steel galvanized structure painted frame and insulated sandwich panels.