Seismic Studies for Individual Buildings Camp Lemonier, Djibouti



This study is broken into two parts, focused on ground penetrating radar (G.P.R) and flat-jack structural testing of 14 buildings, which were part of the original French Foreign Legion base prior to the U.S. government’s takeover of Camp Lemonnier.

G.P.R is the transmission of short electromagnetic pulses into the ground at a specified frequency and the recording of the reflected signals as a function of time amplitude and phase. The collected data produced a verified foundation plan, which showed dimensions and typology of the pre-engineered building foundations. With G.P.R it was possible to point out some discrepancies between the drawings included in the original plan and the existing foundations.

These second phase of the work was done to achieve stress measurement and determination of the deformability characteristics of the buildings involved. The flat-jack technique used for stress measurement is based on a test in which a slot is cut into a structure, canceling the tensions acting on the surfaces generated by the cutting itself. The tests determine the deformability characteristics of the construction materials and overall structure.