Villa Taurinus , Monteruscello (Na) Italy



For this project we develop electrical systems to illuminate the indoor and the outdoor areas of this historical structure. This building has an external area of garden terraces and pool. The basement is characterized by the presence of Evidences. The ground floor level includes the kitchen, the dining room and bathrooms, while the first floor offers a formal dining area, additional bathrooms, and a terrace equipped with outdoor furnishing.
The new lighting system helps set the mood, creating a romantic, elegant atmosphere throughout the structure.
A new grounding system ensures public safety in the event of equipment failure or defect. Emergency lighting throughout, which meets European code requirements, allows for an orderly and emergency evacuation, if necessary. Both telephone and data transmission systems, through wireless technology, are incorporated into the design. Each floor, in fact, has its own access point for internet transmission/reception. Two additional systems—fire and intrusion detection—are incorporated to insure public safety.