Military BEQ Apartment Complex, Bahrain



The military BEQ apartment complex in Bahrain was laid out in two formats: Double and Single Apartment Wings. The Single Apartment Wing will contain apartments linked by a single corridor, while the Double Apartment Wing will consist of two apartments separated by an access corridor. This walkway shall be used for the apartments located inside and parallel to the perimeter. Having a parallel arrangement helps to protect from the heat and glare of the Middle East sun and develops shade for the recreation area.
There will be 260 apartments, 56 on the first floor and 68 on the upper three floors.

Influenced by existing facilities, the climate and the traditional architecture of Bahrain, this building will have simple clean lines. Exterior walls will be finished with stucco and be a tan color. The interior, dominated by light and view of the shaded courtyard, will consist of vibrant colors, smooth walls and floor tiles. Water, fire protection, sanity sewer, storm drainage, heating and cooling services shall be provided to meet both U.S. and all code requirements.